Montale Red Aoud Eau de Parfum unisex

  • Montale Red Aoud Eau de Parfum unisex
  • Montale Red Aoud Eau de Parfum unisex 1

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    Description of the perfume Montale Red Aoud


    Perfume bottle



    Overall impression


    Top notes

    Pepper, Agar Wood

    Middle notes

    Saffron, Cumin, Rose

    Base notes

    Vetiver, Orris, Sandalwood

    Montale Red Aoud is a woody, warmly spicy Oriental fragrance for men and women with distinctive notes of oud wood and roses. As with all the fragrances from the Montale brand, the greatly admired, yet somewhat enigmatic Pierre Montale has given the Red Aoud Eau de Parfum an original character evoking a miraculous elixir or a rare magical salve.

    One of the central aromatic components in the Red Aoud Eau de Parfum, the wood of the Aquilaria tree so loved by Pierre Montale, also known as eagle wood, agarwood, oud, aoud or (in Arabic) oudh, is a fascinating material with a resinous aroma and the most expensive wood in the world, and it has been used for centuries to make incense and (especially Arabian) perfumes. This truly regal ingredient, also sometimes called “liquid gold” or the “wood of the gods”, has been popularly combined with roses and other perfectly blended notes in the composition of Red Aoud by Montale.

    The Red Aoud Eau de Parfum offers an intriguing distinctive note of pepper in combination with other spices, roses and rare woods. The aromatic composition of Montale Red Aoud opens in the head with tones of agarwood and pepper, the heart contains tones of roses, saffron and cumin and the base consists of iris root, sandalwood and vetiver. The dark spiciness of the oud wood is effectively combined with the bright piquancy of the red pepper. The seductiveness of the spicy notes is further supported by the fragrance of the cumin and the saffron and especially by the iris root and sweet sandalwood.

    Pierre Montale has created a somewhat addictive perfume of remarkably balanced harmonic quality which has aphrodisiacal properties, as if the time he spent in Saudi Arabia had imbued the brand’s founder and the creator of all the perfumes in its portfolio with the mysterious abilities of an Oriental sorcerer. Like all of Pierre Montale’s fragrant creations, Red Aoud has been created using natural materials of the highest quality and in high concentrations which ensure that the fragrance has a long-lasting effect.

    Red Aoud is suitable for day and evening wear, especially in the cooler months. This Eau de Parfum will appeal to men and women who like the combination of oud wood and roses in an imaginative, unconventionally indulgent composition. It should be tried by everybody who appreciates true quality and likes to feel the breath of the magical history of the Orient upon them.

    In addition to magical scents with masterfully balanced aromatic compositions, all the perfumes by Montale also come with captivating, original packaging. The design is enchanting thanks to its straightforward and pure elegance, which, in the case of Red Aoud, has been enhanced with the use of an attractive dark red colour scheme, while the practical selection of the material also makes the flacon unique. Pierre Montale has made the original choice of an aluminium flacon which provides the perfume with perfect protection.

    Montale Red Aoud – the aphrodisiacal fragrance of roses, agarwood and spices.

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