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Montale Tropical Wood eau de parfum unisex
Montale Tropical Wood eau de parfum unisex
Montale Tropical Wood eau de parfum unisex
Top notes
Bergamot, Passionfruit, Pineapple, Agar Wood
Middle notes
Bulgarian Rose, Violet
Base notes
Leather, Musk, Cucumber
Fragrance categoryfloral, woody

This enticing scent takes you on a sensory journey to lush tropical landscapes, where nature's vibrant beauty meets the sophistication of woody notes and the allure of musk. Experience the essence of paradise with Tropical Wood by Montale, a captivating woody floral musk eau de parfum designed for both women and men. 

  • woody floral musk scent
  • perfect for any occasion 
  • launched in 2016

Composition of the fragrance
Tropical Wood bursts open with a vibrant and exhilarating fusion of zesty bergamot, luscious passion fruit, and juicy pineapple. Infused within this lively concoction is the spirited essence of aoud from Malaysia, adding depth and intensity to the fragrance, evoking a sense of mystery and allure. After some time, the captivating duo of Bulgarian rose and enchanting violet takes center stage, infusing the scent with a touch of elegance and irresistible charm. The richness of leather adds a touch of luxurious sensuality, while white musk enhances the fragrance with its alluring and seductive aura. Finally, the warmth of vanilla from Madagascar adds a comforting and inviting element, creating a captivating and memorable olfactory experience.

MontaleTropical Wood eau de parfum unisex

100 ml

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