MOODmatcher® is the original 12-hour long-lasting, personalized color-changing lipstick, established as a brand in 1987.


From the minute the lipsticks hit the market, it became a tremendous success. With 10 original colors in the range, MOODmatcher offers its customers a variety of colors to choose from.

MOODmatcher changes color upon application within seconds, and gives each woman a color totally unique to them. MOODmatcher isn’t just about long-lasting color - it’s also about long-lasting care. Each shade is formulated with Aloe Vera to rejuvenate and hydrate dry, flaky lips and Vitamin E, an all-natural antioxidant to protect and balance your lips’ natural hydration level.

MOODmatcher’s unique formulation stays put for up to 12 hours – with no touch-ups. It’s smudge-proof, kiss-proof and waterproof so you can eat, drink and kiss without smearing or fading. MOODmatcher won’t feather or bleed, so you won’t need a base or lip pencil...amazing!

Lastly, MOODmatcher looks good on every woman – the personalized color reacts with your pH level to give you the best shade that suits your skin tone. MOODmatcher was clinically tested to prove:

60% Increase in Hydration 9 hours after application

90% Improvement in Color Stay 12 hours after application

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All MOODmatcher products are currently sold out. Please check again soon.