MoroccanoilHydration Leave - In Spray Conditioner For Hydration And Shine

Moroccanoil Hydration Leave - In Spray Conditioner For Hydration And Shine
Moroccanoil Hydration Leave - In Spray Conditioner For Hydration And Shine
160 ml

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Friday 29/10/2021
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Friday 29/10/2021

Description Moroccanoil Hydration

Forget about dehydrated hair that’s difficult to comb through and lacks any shine. Moroccanoil Hydration leave-in spray conditioner for moisture and shine makes your hair easier to style, protects it from heat damage and leaves it perfectly soft and smooth.

The Moroccanoil Hydration leave-in conditioner also speeds up blow-drying to save you a significant amount of time.


  • provides deep hydration and leaves hair smooth
  • makes hair easier to detangle and style
  • protects hair against heat damage
  • speeds up the hair-drying process
  • provides shine


  • argan oil – nourishes and moisturises hair
  • blend of superfoods – sunflower oil, quinoa extract, barley extract
  • natural sugars and amino acids

How to apply:
Spray the product into freshly washed and towel-dried hair, then blow-dry and style as usual.


Hair type
all hair types
Shine and softness, For easy combing, Nourishing
Scalp skin type
all scalp types

Articles about Moroccanoil Hydration

About the brand Moroccanoil

The birth of Moroccanoil hair care had been inspired by its founder Carmen Tal's trip to Israel where she visited a local hair salon. After the hairdresser managed to repair her damaged hair with a special oil treatment, Carmen wanted to know more about this mysterious product, leading her to start her own company.

All Moroccanoil hair care now contains this special ingredient - argan oil - a natural substance rich in vitamin E, which makes it an ideal additional treatment for any number of skin conditions.

The first (and for some time only) product of the brand, Moroccanoil Treatment, was later joined by a whole range of hair care for all hair types.

In the short time that it's been on the market, Moroccanoil became incredibly popular with customers and is now one of the leading brands offering high-quality hair products based on argan oil.

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