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Moroccanoil Tools round hairbrush
Moroccanoil Tools round hairbrush

Elevate your styling routine with our innovative round styling brushes, each infused with ionic properties to transform your hair care experience. Moroccanoil Tools top-tier ceramic round brushes are designed to revolutionize your hair routine, boasting the perfect blend of ceramic and ionic features. These properties ensure even heat distribution, accelerate drying time, and amplify your hair's natural shine. Crafted for excellence, every brush incorporates a sectioning tip thoughtfully stored within the handle, facilitating seamless blow-drying and styling.

Brush types:

  • 25 mm Round Brush: ideal for shorter hair, creating charming small waves
  • 35 mm Round Brush: perfect for medium hair, crafting loose waves and voluminous looks
  • 45 mm Round Brush: suited for medium to long hair, offering a gentle bend and enhancing fullness
  • 55 mm Round Brush: tailored for medium to long hair, adding volume and achieving a sleek, polished appearance


  • revolutionary round styling brushes
  • infused with ionic properties for unmatched performance
  • deliver even heat distribution, making drying time more efficient
  • enhances hair's radiant shine
  • each brush includes a convenient sectioning tip
  • suitable for all hair types


  • ceramic and ionic plating 

How to use:
25 mm: Start from the roots and gently glide the brush through your hair, using smooth strokes. This size is perfect for shorter hair, yielding delightful small waves.

35 mm: Begin at the roots and guide the brush through your hair with easy strokes. This size is excellent for medium hair, granting loose waves and added volume.

45 mm: Commence at the roots and guide the brush along the hair's length using gentle strokes. Ideal for medium to long hair, this size imparts a graceful bend and fuller effect.

55 mm: Initiate from the roots, softly sweeping the brush through your hair. Designed for medium to long hair, this size delivers volume and a sleek, smooth finish.

MoroccanoilTools round hairbrush

diameter 35 mm
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