Baby Bibs

How to Choose the Right Bib

Protect your baby’s clothes from stains. Bibs are an essential part of the eating ritual for any baby. There are baby bibs for newborns, infants and toddlers, bibs made of various materials, in various shapes and colours. Some baby bibs can be washed in the dishwasher, others are especially great for travelling. All you need to do is find the right one.

Types of Baby Bibs

  • A cloth bib feels very comfortable, light, and it perfectly adjusts to your baby’s movement. Cloth baby bibs are usually made of terry cloth, cotton or bamboo, and need to be machine-washed after every use.
  • A plastic bib is made of thin yet durable plastic which you can simply rinse under the faucet or wipe clean. This type of baby bib is waterproof and lasts long thanks to easy maintenance.
  • A silicone bib usually fits well and feels very comfortable. It is made of highly durable silicone, which means you can simply put it in the dishwasher after every use.
  • A paper bib is a great alternative for travelling. It’s a disposable baby bib made of silk paper or a non-woven fabric which can be thrown out after use. Get a handy set of several disposable paper bibs that fits into any handbag or pram.

Shapes of Baby Bibs

Baby bibs can have various shapes and types of fastening. Those with press studs can be adjusted as your baby grows, while the more standard ones have either ties or a velcro fastening.

  • Classic bibs are suitable for the youngest infants and you can also use them to wipe off any dribble. They’re very handy and easy to pack. carries newborn bibs as well as bibs for kids who are several months old.
  • Bibs with a pocket or trough are suitable for kids from 5 months of age and come especially handy when you’re starting them on complementary foods. The pocket will catch any falling bits of food or puree and prevent them from getting under the table or all over your baby’s legs.
  • Bibs with sleeves are great when you’re teaching your baby to eat on their own – plus they can be used during any arts-and-crafts activities.

Whether your baby is starting out with complementary foods or trying to eat on their own, they’ll appreciate a practical silicone bib with pocket or trough that will help them get the job done and save you from having to constantly do the laundry. Classic baby bibs and disposable bibs are easy to pack for travel by stashing them in your tote or handbag. Find everything you need at