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How to Choose a Lunch Box for Kids

Forget about a squished roll in a plastic bag. A nice lunch box will inspire you to create the most fun snacks while helping you protect the environment with a reusable product your child can take to school, a stroll through nature or a field trip again and again.

What Should an Ideal Lunch Box for Kids Look Like?

Before you make the purchase, think about the key features of a lunch box:

  • Size. It should be large enough to fit the whole lunch – or at least the main part that needs a sturdy container. A lunch box that is too big will take up excessive space in the rucksack and won’t keep the food in place – but it also shouldn’t be way too small.
  • Material. Plastic is the perfect material for kids’ products because it’s lightweight and comes in various colours. It’s also more durable than a glass container, especially if you accidentally drop it. If you use a dishwasher, make sure the lunchbox is dishwasher-safe.
  • Sealing. If you plan to pack lunches that are a little more runny than a sandwich, you should also pay attention to the seal. Silicone components will ensure that juice from fruit and other liquids will always stay safely inside the box and won’t leak.
  • Compartments. A lunch box with compartments will keep dry, juicy or aromatic foods separate.
  • Aesthetics. The last criterion is probably one of the most important ones. When shopping for a lunch box your kid will take to school, keep their preferences in mind – or let them choose one themselves.

More than a Lunch Box

What about a lunch box as a fashion accessory? Children care about looking cool, and a nice set of a lunch box and a bottle will be a wonderful birthday or Christmas gift for your little school kid. However, lunch boxes come in handy for many different occasions. Whatever trip you have planned, a lunch box or a bowl with a lid will keep your kid’s lunch safe.

Refillable Food Pouches for Babies

Your little ones can also enjoy a nice snack without creating more plastic waste. Refillable food pouches are ideal for parents who want to keep their baby’s eating organised – plus they’re very comfortable for the kid to use. Your baby will find it very easy to hold the pouch with their little hands and eat for instance in the pram.

Simply open the food pouch and fill it with a fruit mix, yoghurt or any other food of your choice, then close it again, usually with a double zipper. Now you can rest easy knowing that nothing will leak out of the pouch. They’re easy to wash and you can put most of them in the dishwasher or in the freezer.

They say that people eat with their eyes – and it’s true for children, too. Put a healthy snack in a lovely lunch box and watch how happy your kid will be to munch on it. Now that you know what a good lunch box looks like, it’s time to find one – or other quality kids’ products – at!