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The right bottle teat will help you feed your child without problems. A good baby bottle teat gives your baby more comfort during drinking and feeding. Bottle teats (sometimes also called bottle dummies) usually come with the bottle, but you need to replace them after a certain amount of time – either with a larger one for juice and complementary foods, or simply with a new one after your baby’s been chewing on the original one a little too much. In general, you should replace the teat every 3 months to be on the safe side.

How to Choose a Baby Bottle Teat?

When choosing a baby bottle teat, pay attention to the size of the opening, the material, shape and the size of the teat itself.

Size and Shape of a Bottle Teat

  • Pick the right size of your bottle teat depending on your kid’s age. The younger your baby is, the smaller the opening should be. Newborns only need a teat with a tiny opening – you can later switch to larger ones as they grow.
  • The shape of your bottle teat can be round or flat (anatomically shaped). Different babies have different preferences, so try several versions and see.

Opening of the Bottle Teat

Choose the right diameter of the teat opening so your child doesn’t get tired of suckling while also being able to relax and breathe when feeding. Your choice should also depend on the type of liquid you want to use it for:

  • Mild flow – teats for water, tea and juices
  • Medium flow – teats for milk
  • Quick flow – teats for purees

Our tip: If your baby’s tummy is quite sensitive, try an anti-colic baby bottle teat which prevents them from swallowing too much air during feeding.

Material of the Bottle Teat

The shape and mechanism of a baby bottle teat is designed to mimic suckling on a breast, with quality materials that perfectly suit the baby’s needs.

  • Silicone bottle teats have greater longevity and keep their shape. Once your baby starts teething, you have to check a silicone teat on a regular basis because little teeth might easily damage it.
  • Latex rubber bottle teats are a little softer and easier to suck on. However, a latex baby bottle teat doesn’t last as long as a silicone one.

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