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Mugler Aura Eau de Parfum refillable for Women

MuglerAura Eau de Parfum refillable for Women

30 ml

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The product is environment-friendly.
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Allow yourself to be pulled into a story about searching for authenticity, where you are the leading actress, whilst the Mugler Aura Eau de Parfum narrates. The whole plot is set in your soul, making all women who dare to follow their instincts fall in love with it.

  • a sensual floral woody fragrance for women who love life
  • ideal for everyday wear
  • introduced in 2017

Composition of the fragrance
The initial notes belong to the sweet, fresh accords of bergamot, accompanied by the unmistakable crunch of zingy rhubarb, which leaves a strong first impression. Soon after that, the notes of orange blossom intertwine with green notes and ylang-ylang, which are all tied together with tiger liana to create the heart of the fragrance. The depth and warmth of the Eau de Parfum come from base notes of vanilla and woody notes.

Story of the fragrance
It’s an instinct, an intuitive power around which four perfumers built the story of this sensual fragrance. It is a symbolic expression of the animal and botanical kingdom. Mugler Aura challenges women to follow their instincts.

The shape of Mugler Aura resembles a beating heart. Its emerald green colour symbolises depth, magic, optimism and life. It’s also the colour of happiness – the happiness hidden inside every heart.


Fragrance categoryaromatic, woody
Sustainabilityrefillable packaging