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Mustela Bébé cream for children for cradle cap
Mustela Bébé cream for children for cradle cap
Hair typeall hair types
Skin typeall skin types
EffectsHydration, Nourishing
Scalp skin typeall scalp types
Hair problemdry hair

Cradle cap is a form of scaling that primarily affects babies and manifests as oily, yellowish scales that can be uncomfortable for your baby. The Mustela Bébé cradle cap cream contains avocado polyphenols and a blend of patented active ingredients that protects the scalps of babies and infants, eliminates yellow sores, soothes itchiness, moisturises and reduces the excess sebum that is responsible for cradle cap. Take gentle care of your baby’s head.


  • eliminates crusting and flaking
  • soothes itchy skin
  • prevents repeated staining
  • removes yellow sores and cradle cap
  • reduces excess sebum
  • moisturises the scalp
  • sustainable packaging, a formula that’s gentle on the planet

Results of testing: 
→ a usage test conducted under dermatological and paediatric supervision on 60 children, including infants under 3 months of age, over a period of 21 days

  • 80% of parents agreed that it soothed baby’s skin
  • 92% of parents found it removed cradle cap quickly


  • a patented formula beneficial for the skin
  • contains 95% ingredients of natural origin
  • avocado extract – soothes itchy skin by hydrating it intensely
  • a product developed in collaboration with professionals, has passed over 450 tests and measurements

How to apply: 
Do not scratch the cradle cap, stick to application. Apply the Bébé cream for cradle cap directly to the affected area in the evenings. The narrow-nozzled tube makes it easy to apply. Leave it on overnight. The next day, wash your baby’s hair with a special shampoo to remove the flakes.

MustelaBébé cream for children for cradle cap

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