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NEONAIL Hard Base base coat gel for gel nails
NEONAIL Hard Base base coat gel for gel nails
Type of Nail Varnishbase coat, UV/LED polish

Beautiful nails can not do without the right foundation. The NeoNail Hard Base for gel nails strengthens the nail and ensures that the nail colour adheres perfectly to the nail. Create a flawless result that lasts for days without peeling. 


  • serves as a base for hybrid colour varnishes 
  • guaranteed high resistance to abrasion and damage
  • has long-lasting hold and increases the adhesion of gel varnishes
  • ensures colour saturation
  • quick and easy application

How to apply:
Apply a thin layer of NeoNail Hard Base to the clean nail and set in an LED or UV lamp. You can then apply the chosen coloured hybrid polish and again place under the LED/UV lamp. Then just apply a layer of top coat for shine, set under the lamp and clean your nails with a nail cleaner. 

NEONAILHard Base base coat gel for gel nails

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Monday 22/04/2024
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Monday 22/04/2024