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NEONAIL Top Velour gel top coat
NEONAIL Top Velour gel top coat
Type of Nail Varnishtop coat , UV/LED polish
EffectMatt, long-lasting

Elevate your nails game with high-quality nail polish designed to keep your nails looking impeccable for up to 3 weeks. NEONAIL Top Velour is a matte UV topcoat that can be applied over any nail polish color or effect.


  • lasts up to 3 weeks
  • chip-resistant, scratch-resistant, matt finish, quick curing
  • high coverage even with one coat
  • strengthens natural nails
  • achieves long-lasting shine 
  • UV or LED light curing
  • specially designed brush ensures accurate and even application
  • allows for easy and gentle removal with UV Nail Polish Remover
  • dermatologically tested 

How to apply:
Shape your nails as desired and gently push back cuticles with a wooden stick or cuticle pusher. Use the NeoNail Buffer to lightly roughen the nail plate and remove dust with a brush. Degrease the nails with NeoNail Cleaner. Apply a thin layer of UV Base Coat "HARD BASE" and cure it under LED or UV light (follow curing times). Apply UV Nail Polish in your chosen color, applying thinly and curing under LED or UV light. Repeat the process.

Notino tip:
Apply a thin layer of UV Top Coat NEONAIL Top Velour for a matte finish and cure it under LED or UV light. Clean your nails with the Cleaner. Finish with nail oil for extra care.

NEONAILTop Velour gel top coat

7,2 ml

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Friday 19/04/2024
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