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Nicolai Musc Intense eau de parfum for women
Nicolai Musc Intense eau de parfum for women
Nicolai Musc Intense eau de parfum for women
Top notes
Pear, Galbanum, Turkish Rose
Middle notes
Rose, Violet, Carnation, Jasmine
Base notes
Musk, Amber, Civet, Sandalwood
Fragrance categoryfloral, woody, musk

In this exquisite fragrance, the musky accord, inherently feminine and cocooning, takes on a joyful twist with the addition of a succulent pear that effervescently dances upon Turkish rose petals. A sophisticated interplay of Nicolai Musc Intense eau de parfum wraps the skin in a sensual and evocative aura.

  • floral woody musk scent 
  • perfect for any occasion 
  • 81% of natural ingredients 

Composition of the fragrance
The top notes unveil pear's luscious and juicy essence, setting the stage for a delightful olfactory experience. As the scent evolves, the heart notes come to life with the rich and intoxicating combination of rose absolute, carnation, and jasmine absolute. These floral harmonies evoke an air of elegance and allure, drawing you deeper into the fragrance's embrace. Finally, the base notes bring forth the gentle caress of musk, the warm and comforting essence of sandalwood, and the luxurious depth of amber. This composition weaves a tale of sophistication that envelops the skin with a sensual and lasting signature.

NicolaiMusc Intense eau de parfum for women

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