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Nishane Colognisé perfume unisex
Nishane Colognisé perfume unisex
Nishane Colognisé perfume unisex
Nishane Colognisé perfume unisex
Top notes
Bergamot, Green Tea, Jasmine, Lemon
Middle notes
Grapefruit, Lily Of The Valley
Base notes
Musk, Neroli, Vetiver
Fragrance categorycitrus, aromatic, floral, green

A unique celebration of traditional and modern approaches, this fragrance will enable you to enchant those around you. Nishane Colognisé is suitable for both men and women. A unique fragrance which pays homage to the classic lemon cologne has become a reality. Discover the combination of citrus and intense floral notes, accompanied by powerful musk.

  • a festive yet fresh citrus fragrance with floral notes
  • suitable for him and her
  • the fragrance pays tribute to its predecessors and celebrates the present

Composition of the fragrance
The flash of lemon gives the fragrance a fresh, unbridled power. It is accompanied by bergamot, the notes of which float in green harmony with the subtle accords of green tea. A floral explosion of jasmine, accompanied by the vitality of grapefruit and lily of the valley, forms the foundation of this fragrance. The base notes themselves are dominated by potent vetiver and neroli, harmonised by forceful musk.

Story of the fragrance
Nishane breathed new life into this fragrance, aiming to connect tradition with the modern experience. The inspiration was a desire to commit to the lemon cologne’s roots and create a striking yet subtle fragrance which expresses individuality and a respect for tradition. Its 18% concentration of essence makes it an Eau de Parfum. Part of the Extrait de Cologne collection.

NishaneColognisé perfume unisex

100 ml

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