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Nishane Tempfluo perfume extract unisex
Nishane Tempfluo perfume extract unisex
Nishane Tempfluo perfume extract unisex
Nishane Tempfluo perfume extract unisex
Top notes
Saffron, Mandarin Orange Blossom, Bergamot
Middle notes
Orange Blossom, Praline, Jasmin Sambac
Base notes
Cashmere Wood, Cedar, Vanilla
Fragrance categorycitrus, floral, woody

Time flow.

This unique scent embodies the profound idea that the passage of time is an illusion intricately woven with the human perception of unfolding events. Nishane Tempfluo extrait de parfum captures the essence of perceived duration, the subjective measurement of time intervals between successive moments, and celebrates the unity of time that unites all of humanity in the present moment.

  • blend of fresh, invigorating notes 
  • perfect for any occasion 
  • launched in 2022

Composition of the fragrance
The composition of Tempo Fluo mirrors the dynamic and innovative spirit of modern times, characterized by a harmonious blend of fresh, invigorating notes. Imagine the alluring dance of zesty citruses, tangy and bright, symbolizing the fleeting nature of moments. Delicate floral accords unfold, capturing the ever-changing essence of time with their grace and elegance.

Story of the fragrance
Drawing inspiration from the philosophy of carpe diem, this perfume serves as a poignant reminder to seize the day and embrace the present fully. By dedicating this fragrance to the impact of our perspective on time, we explore the profound implications it has on how we live our lives. Just like a well-orchestrated time management strategy, Tempo Fluo holds the potential to evoke positive outcomes and shape the way we engage with the world around us.

NishaneTempfluo perfume extract unisex

100 ml

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