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Nivea Fresh Pure deodorant spray for women
Nivea Fresh Pure deodorant spray for women
Type of packagingSpray
Skin typeall skin types

Forget about unpleasant body odour – the Nivea Fresh Pure spray deodorant will protect you from it for up to 48 hours. This product offers a long-lasting feeling of freshness, has a lovely scent and doesn’t leave white stains on your clothing. Its gentle formula free of aluminium salts doesn’t clog pores and lets your skin breathe freely.


  • offers up to 48-hour protection from body odour
  • ensures a lasting feeling of freshness
  • doesn’t leave white marks on clothing
  • lets your skin breathe freely
  • has a lovely fragrance


  • dermatologically tested
  • free of aluminium salts

How to apply:
Shake the deodorant well before application. Spray on the skin of your armpits from a distance of 15cm and let the product dry for a few seconds before getting dressed.

NiveaFresh Pure deodorant spray for women

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