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NOBEA Nail Care Vitamin Glow Nail Polish nourishing nail varnish
NOBEA Nail Care Vitamin Glow Nail Polish nourishing nail varnish
EffectsHydration, Regeneration, Nourishing, Strengthening
Active ingredientsvitamin C, vitamin E
Type of Nail Varnishbase coat

Only perfectly nourished nails will make your manicure really stand out. The NOBEA Nail Care Vitamin Glow nail varnish will keep them in fantastic condition thanks to a unique oxygen technology, vitamins and natural extracts which promote beauty and growth. Your nails will be strong, flexible and protected from UV light.

Big fan of colourful manicure? You can use NOBEA Nail Care nail varnish as a base coat to keep things full of colour. And if you prefer a “nude manicure”, this product will create a perfect, shiny finish.


  • strengthens your nails, makes them grow faster and longer
  • nourishes nails and prevents their premature ageing
  • improves the function of nail keratin to prevent breakage, splitting and cracks
  • creates a film that lets oxygen through to maintain natural balance
  • keeps your nails hydrated and flexible
  • prevents unwanted pigmentation and yellow nails
  • easy to use, dries quickly with a high shine
  • regular use improves the condition of your nails


  • oxygen technology – keeps the nails naturally balanced
  • complex of plant cells – with apple stem cells and extracts from sea algae, goji and horse chestnut that help your nails grow faster
  • aldehydes – patented and medically tested
  • UV filters – prevent the formation of spots and yellow cast
  • vitamins A, C, E

How to apply:
Always use on clean and dry nails. If you’re going to use colour nail varnish, apply only one layer of the NOBEA Nail Care.
If you’re using the NOBEA Nail Care nail varnish on its own, apply 2 coats. Reapply every week to maximise the effects.

NOBEANail Care Vitamin Glow Nail Polish nourishing nail varnish

6 ml

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