NOBEA Nail care Diamond strengthener Strengthening Nail Polish

NOBEA Nail care Strengthening Nail Polish
NOBEA Nail care Strengthening Nail Polish
6 ml

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Description NOBEA Nail care Diamond strengthener

Weak and brittle nails that are prone to splitting? The NOBEA Nail Care Diamond Strengthener nail varnish will solve your problems faster than you might expect. Its formula contains diamond powder along with other ingredients which give your nails an exceptional hardness, resistance to splitting, and a brilliant shine.

Use it as a base coat before applying your colour varnish, or on its own. Both methods will result in gorgeous nails that are perfectly protected and full of strength.


  • strengthens weak and thin nails
  • creates a smooth and firm layer
  • protects the entire surface of the nail
  • prevents splitting and breakage
  • leaves a dazzling shine
  • helps your nails grow longer and stronger
  • protects your nails from UV light


  • diamond powder and nano particles – for a high shine and amazing strengthening effect

How to apply:
Apply one layer to clean and dry nails. When it’s thoroughly dry, you can use your favourite colour nail varnish.


Type of Nail Varnish
base coat
shiny, long-lasting

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