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NUK Teeth dental care set (for children)
NUK Teeth dental care set (for children)

NUKTeeth dental care set (for children)

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toothpaste for children + children’s finger toothbrush

Monday 26/02/2024
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Monday 26/02/2024

Don’t let your baby’s first teeth make life miserable for your little one. The NUK Teeth toothpaste and fingertip brush set is specially developed to eliminate problems that arise during the growth of the first teeth. In addition, the toothpaste contains enzymes that are found in breast milk and strengthen a baby’s natural defences.


  • the fluoride-free toothpaste protects the gums and baby teeth
  • the pleasant apple and banana flavour helps them get used to brushing
  • with a practical fingertip brush made of high-quality silicone
  • BPA-free

How to apply:
Apply a small amount of the paste to your baby’s teeth using the fingertip brush. 


Type of setGift Set