OAK Natural Beard Care

Beard Balm

OAK Natural Beard Care Beard Balm
OAK Natural Beard Care Beard Balm
50 ml

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Product description OAK Natural Beard Care

OAK Beard Balm intensely nourishes your facial hair and helps with styling. The product is rich in essential oils and leaves your beard smelling pleasantly of grapefruit, juniper and vetiver.


  • smooths, softens and moisturises facial hair
  • makes styling easier
  • adds texture and shine
  • promotes facial hair growth
  • strengthens, nourishes and protects facial hair


  • broccoli seed oil – covers the hair with a protective layer
  • nettle extract – strengthens hair roots
  • beeswax – helps with shaping and styling
  • vitamins A and C – promote facial hair growth

How to use:
Rub a small amount of the balm into the beard and shape in the direction of hair growth.



About the brand OAK

Discover the perfect beard grooming with the German brand OAK which continues the tradition of classic barber products. OAK products are mostly hand-made in a small family shop in Berlin. You can rely on the timeless design of their beard brushes as well as an innovative formula of the skin care products.

While developing their products, OAK uses the latest scientific research as well as their own knowledge and vast experience in barber business. All the raw materials for their grooming tools are just as carefully chosen as the essential oils for their skin care products that will make your facial hair look and smell perfect. OAK also cares deeply about using natural ingredients and protecting the environment.