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Oral B iO3 electric toothbrush
Oral B iO3 electric toothbrush
Oral B iO3 electric toothbrush
Oral B iO3 electric toothbrush
Type of power supplyrechargeable/mains

Enjoy the feeling of having your teeth professionally cleaned every single day. The Oral-B iO 3 electric toothbrush will give you the expert care you’re looking for. Thanks to its round brush head and magnetic iO™ technology, it leaves your gums healthier and your teeth 100% cleaner after just 1 week of use. The Smart Pressure sensor also prevents damage to your gums and enamel caused by excessive pressure. Choose from 3 brushing modes and tailor your oral hygiene to your specific needs. 


  • takes expert care of your teeth
  • leaves teeth 100% cleaner and gums healthier compared to a manual toothbrush
  • uses a sensor to warn you when you’re applying too much pressure

Technical specifications:

  • magnetic iO™ technology – provides gentle yet powerful micro-vibrations via a round brush head
  • round brush head – inspired by dentists, reaches deeper between teeth to remove more plaque
  • Smart Pressure sensor – prevents excessive pressure from being applied by displaying a red light when you apply too much pressure, and a green light when optimal pressure is applied 
  • 3 Smart Brushing modes – Daily Clean, Whitening, Sensitive
  • timer – ensures that an optimal cleaning time of at least 2 minutes is adhered to, covering all areas of the mouth

The package contains:

  • Oral-B iO Series 3 rechargeable electric toothbrush 
  • Oral-B iO Ultimate Clean replacement brush head
  • charger

Notino tip:
To ensure you achieve the best results, we recommend replacing the brush head after three months of use or as soon as you see signs of wear.

Oral BiO3 electric toothbrush

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