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Oriflame Nordic Waters roll-on deodorant
Oriflame Nordic Waters roll-on deodorant
Type of packagingRoll - On
Skin typeall skin types

Whatever your program for the day, you can throw your sweaty clothes worries behind you. Antiperspirant OriflameNordic Waters prevents that annoying faux pas that is underarm staining. Thanks to its antiperspirant ingredients, it will actively prevent the formation of sweat and help keep your skin dry. It provides you with long-lasting protection against body odour and unwanted wetness, so you can enjoy a fresh and clean feeling all day long.


  • complements fragrance from the same line
  • a treat for any man
  • gives a long-lasting feeling of comfort and cleanliness
  • protects against unpleasant odours

How to use:
Apply to clean, dry skin under the arms. Allow to dry fully before dressing. Repeat at any time during the day.

OriflameNordic Waters roll-on deodorant

for men 50 ml

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