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Rabanne Phantom eau de toilette for men
Rabanne Phantom eau de toilette for men
Rabanne Phantom eau de toilette for men
Top notes
Middle notes
Italian Lemon, Madagascar Vanilla
Base notes
Fragrance categoryaromatic, woody

A futuristic fragrance that communicates with your phone.

The perfect connection – between you, the world of fragrance and modern technology. That's exactly what the Rabanne Phantom Eau de Toilette for men represents. With this breakthrough citrus-infused fragrance, you can enjoy a multi-level sensory experience.

  • a confident aromatic fragrance with strong citrus notes
  • the bottle (in 100-ml or 150-ml variants) can be connected to a smartphone
  • the ingredients of the fragrance are obtained from environmentally friendly and ethical sources

Composition of the fragrance
Phantom is an instant and direct dose of feelgood fragrance. Creamy lavender notes are most prominent at first, replaced after a while by the scent of energised Italian citrus and Madagascan vanilla, which has a very sexy effect. Everything is enhanced by vetiver, the last thing you notice. You’re sure to enjoy the composition of the fragrance for a truly long time.

Story of the fragrance
Phantom, also a new pillar of the Rabanne brand, is absolutely ground-breaking. The robot-shaped bottle contains an NFC chip, allowing you to pair the fragrance with your smartphone, opening the way to entertaining content.

Neuroscience was also used to select the ingredients for the composition of the fragrance, to give it a sense of sexual attraction, confidence and energy. In addition, Phantom has vegan and exceptionally pure ingredients. It contains no sulphates, phthalates, mineral oils or similar ingredients. In addition, the 150-ml bottle can be easily refilled.

Phantom compatibility with smartphones:
Android: Compatible with most types of Android phones (Google, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Motorola, HTC, etc.).
iPhone: Compatible with most types of iPhones. Incompatible with iPhone 6, iPhone SE (1st generation), iPhone 5 and older types.

The NFC app must be activated (newer iPhones do not require activation). Can only be used with an internet connection.

RabannePhantom eau de toilette for men

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Approaching its 60th anniversary, Paco Rabanne is rebranding as "Rabanne," symbolizing a milestone and a future where fashion and beauty unite.

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