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Philips Avent Breast Pumps SCF430/16 set(for mothers)
Philips Avent Breast Pumps SCF430/16 set(for mothers)
Type of setGift Set

A perfect set for mothers-to-be

Philips Avent Breast Pumps starting kit will make it easy to pump breast milk anytime and anywhere you are. The Philips Avent portable mechanical breast pump with Natural Motion technology inspired by babies’ natural suckling reflex and a soft massage insert will massage your nipples and stimulate milk flow while pumping.

This breast pump ensures a natural and painless pumping where you can adjust the amount of negative pressure and the frequency by pressing a lever. It also allows you to pump milk directly into storable containers so you can feed your baby anytime you need to. Its small dimensions and lightweight design make it fantastic for taking with you on the go.  


  • for natural, fast and effective breast milk pumping
  • ensures a perfect balance of suction and nipple stimulation
  • adapts to the size and shape of the nipple
  • design of the milk pump allows you to sit upright and relax
  • allows you to pump breast milk into containers or cups for storage
  • easy to assemble and clean
  • also suitable for travel
  • perfect gift for expecting mothers

Technical specifications:

  • Natural Motion technology – combines negative pressure and nipple stimulation for faster milk flow
  • soft and adaptable silicone insert – in universal size
  • made of medically safe polypropylene with 0% BPA

The packaging contains:

  • 1× manual pump 
  • 1× 125ml bottle with teat, 0m+ 
  • 1× 260ml bottle with teat and a flow of 1m+ 
  • 6× disposable bra pads
  • 1× insulation case 
  • 1× sealing lid 
  • 3× VIA cups with lid for storage 
  • 1× VIA adapter

Philips AventBreast Pumps SCF430/16 set(for mothers)


In stock | £61.20 / 1 pcs , incl. VAT | Code: PAV02909

breast pump 1 pc + baby bottle 1x125 ml + baby bottle 1x260 ml + disposable breast pads 6 pc + case 1 pc + VIA cup with lid 3 pc

Friday 26/07/2024
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Friday 26/07/2024