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Piz Buin Allergy facial sunscreen SPF 50+

Piz BuinAllergy facial sunscreen SPF 50+

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Monday 18/12/2023
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Monday 18/12/2023
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Even though our face gets more sun exposure than any other part of our body, we often forget to protect it. The Piz Buin Allergy Sun Sensitive Skin Face Cream with SPF50+ provides effective protection for sensitive skin prone to sun allergy.


  • is quickly absorbed into the skin
  • provides long-lasting hydration and softness
  • resistant to perspiration and water

Results of testing:
→ An in vitro study confirmed that this treatment brings sensitive skin relief from redness and sun-induced cell damage. The controlled study carried out on twelve volunteers showed the following results:

  • up to 60% of the participants saw a reduction in erythema (skin redness) caused by sun allergy


  • SPF 50+ - effective protection against the sun and premature skin ageing
  • FEVERFEW PFE™ (Tanacetum parthenium extract) – contains antioxidants
  • Calmanelle complex – eliminates skin itching

How to apply:
Apply a generous amount to your skin and spread evenly. Do not forget your ears. Only a sufficient amount of the cream will give you the appropriate level of protection against sunlight. Reapply frequently, especially in the event of excessive perspiration or after swimming or towel-drying. Avoid sun exposure in the middle of the day and do not spend too much time in the sun even if you’re using sunscreen. Keep small children out of direct sunlight.


Complexion typesensitive
Skin typesensitive
SPFvery high protection (SPF 50+)