Piz Buin Tan & Protect Protective Accelerating Sun Oil SPF 6

Piz Buin Tan & Protect Protective Accelerating Sun Oil SPF 6
Piz Buin Tan & Protect Protective Accelerating Sun Oil SPF 6
150 ml

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Product description Piz Buin Tan & Protect

Achieving a stunning tan while using sun protection can often take quite long. Piz Buin Tan and Protect Tan Oil Spray will help you get the most beautiful shade in a significantly shorter time while offering amazing protection against any harmful effects of sunlight.

The oil contains a system of filters that thoroughly protect your skin. The unique ingredient Melitane™ speeds up the natural tanning process to help you enjoy a glowing, nourished skin with a gorgeous tan.


  • speeds up the natural tanning process
  • offers an effective protection from UVA and UVB rays
  • non-sticky formula absorbs quickly and nourishes the skin
  • waterproof, sweatproof
  • comfortable application


  • SPF 6 – offers a low-level protection from sunlight
  • Vitamin E – natural antioxidant, eliminates premature skin ageing and damage
  • Illumitone™ – speeds up melanin production in the skin by up to 70%

How to apply:
Apply a sufficient amount before sun exposure. The less product you use, the lower your protection. Reapply especially in case of sweating and after swimming or drying your skin with a towel. Around midday, avoid sun exposure altogether. Never stay in the sun too long, even if you’re using a sunscreen oil. When using the product on your face, apply it first to your palms and then rub in while avoiding contact with eyes.


Skin type
all skin types
low protection (SPF 6 – SPF 10)

About the brand Piz Buin

On a skiing holiday, in the city, or at the beach – the top-quality Piz Buin products will give your skin reliable protection from UV rays wherever you are.

The brand was named after the Piz Buin mountain that reaches the altitude of 3,312m on the border between Austria and Switzerland. It was this Alpine mountain that the chemistry student Franz Geiter climbed in 1938, and got sunburnt in the process. This unpleasant experience was his impulse to start developing cosmetic products with sun protection. And so, one of the first sunscreens in the world, the Piz Buin Gletscher Creme, was born in 1946.

Not long after that, Franz Greiter developed the sun protection factor as we now know it, followed by other Piz Buin products resistant to UV light, water, and other factors unfavourable to the skin.

Today, Piz Buin sun care is one of the best known brands in the field. Their portfolio includes sunblock creams, lotions, and oils to help you fully enjoy your time out in the sunshine without risk, as well as after-sun products.

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