Arctic Beauty Secrets

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About the brand Polaar

A land covered in snow, with the most beautiful wild nature inhabited by polar bears. This is the birth place of Polaar, whose philosophy combines top-quality cosmetics with a concern for the environment.



Polaar was founded by Daniel Kurbiel, a son of polar explorers, who started joining his parents on their expeditions as a teenager. This is what started his fascination with the Arctic flora which now forms the significant part of the products made by this French brand. The double “a” in Polaar refers to the words “Arctic” and “Antarctica”. Its logo depicts the tips of icebergs in the middle of the ocean.    Polaar cosmetics are free of alcohol, parabens, and mineral oils.

All the brand’s products are manufactured in an ethical fashion and with a regard for the environment. Polaar collaborates with a range of scientific organisations that protect the polar nature. Thanks to that, you can rest assured that every cream, mask, or other Polaar product respects the Arctic ecosystem as well as your skin.

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