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Power System Knee support EVO compression support for knees
Power System Knee support EVO compression support for knees

The Power System Knee Support EVO is a knee brace that will reliably support and protect your knee joint while preserving its maximum mobility. This brace applies an even pressure in order to distribute strength and overload during movement, plus it reduces pain and tightness. Use this exceptionally durable brace as the perfect prevention that reduces the effects of injury while minimising the risk of a new one.


  • supports and protects your knee joint while maintaining its maximum mobility
  • applies an even pressure, distributes strength and overload during movement
  • reduces the impact of injury, minimises the risk of further injuries
  • suitable for instance for people who practice dynamic sports
  • comfortable, doesn’t slip off or roll down
  • ideal for preventing injuries
  • reduces pain and tightness, improves joint mobility and agility


  • exceptionally strong diagonally laid elastic fibres – for lasting and secure support of the knee, keeps the brace from rolling down or slipping

How to use:
Simply pull the Power System Knee Support EVO brace on over your knee. Use the product to support and protect your knee joint, for instance as prevention while performing dynamic sports.

Power SystemKnee support EVO compression support for knees

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