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Proraso Red shaving foam with nourishing effect
Proraso Red shaving foam with nourishing effect
Complexion typeall skin types, dry

Want to make shaving as easy and enjoyable as possible? The Proraso Red is a shaving product that ensures the shaver glides smoothly, and with the protection it provides to the skin it enables precision shaving of each hair with no risk of irritation or razor burn. Forget about the unpleasant parts and discomfort of shaving and instead enjoy a smooth shaving routine resulting in a perfectly smooth face.


  • makes it easy to shave
  • moisturises and does not dry out skin
  • makes the shaver glide over skin more easily
  • ensures the smoothest of shaves

How to use:
Apply an appropriate amount of the product to a damp face and neck. Rub in evenly using circular movements, until a lather is formed.

ProrasoRed shaving foam with nourishing effect

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