Regenerum Eye Care Regenerative Serum for Eyelashes

Regenerum Eye Care Regenerative Serum for Eyelashes
Regenerum Eye Care Regenerative Serum for Eyelashes
11 ml

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Monday 09/08/2021
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Description Regenerum Eye Care

Long lashes and thick eyebrows play a major role if you want the perfect look. Regenerum Eye Care regenerative serum for eyelashes can help you achieve just that. It takes extra care of the roots of your lashes and your eyebrows separately, including the length of the lashes. This is done with two types of ingredients, as well as two types of applicator.

This means you can be sure that applying the serum is always going to be precise and the outcome will be evident. Getting longer, thicker and visibly stronger lashes is easier than you thought.


  • the serum is made of two separate contents with specific ingredients
  • two ends in the form of an eyeliner and mascara brush
  • stimulates the growth of lashes and lengthens them
  • boosts lashes and brows deep down, thickens and strengthens them
  • leaves lashes and brows visibly darker
  • minimises lash loss
  • hydrates and tones lashes and eyebrows, leaving them more flexible
  • with a soothing effect on the delicate area of the eyelids


  • biotin – strengthens lashes and brows, improves condition, reduces the rate of lash loss
  • arginine – nourishes, stimulates growth and microcirculation for lashes and brows
  • firefly plant extract – soothing effect on the eyelids and prevents irritation
  • castor oil – promotes lash and brow growth, stimulates growth, protects against breakages, leaves them glossy, darker, nourished, hydrated and supple
  • lipo-oligopeptides and provitamin B5 – strengthen eyelashes and brows, keep them in good condition, eliminate lash loss

Notino tip:
Pay attention to your nails as well, not just your lashes and brows. Regenerum Nail Care regenerative serum for nails and cuticles will keep them in perfect condition.


Complexion type
all skin types
Active ingredients
aloe vera, vitamin E

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