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    Cosmetic quality



    RoC Enydrial exclusive repairing lip balm regenerates and protects cracked, dry and irritated lips and the area around. Its formula leaves your lips hydrated, elastic, and soft, and it restores their seductiveness. Developed to minimize the emergence of any allergies.

    Its formula was created on the basis of soft waxes that form a protective isolating film on your lips. This film fights dehydration and has excellent defensive effects even under the most unfavorable conditions and when you have a cold. It accelerates the process of healing of dry, irritated, and cracked lips.

    Use RoC Enydrial repairing lip balm to make your lips beautiful and seductive with no painful and dry cracks.


    • helps create a protective barrier
    • deeply hydrates
    • immediately hydrates and brings relief
    • reduces the emergence of cracks


    • tocopheryl acetate – eliminates free radicals
    • caprylic acid – antibacterial effects

    Type of skin:

    Suitable for all types.


    Apply as necessary when your lips are in tension, cracked or irritated. It can be used as a preventive measure.

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    • 11 February 2016

      Best product !! I use it over and over. also terrific for dry sore cuticles, just rub it in.

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