RoC Keops 48h Fresh Spray Deodorant

  • RoC Keops 48h Fresh Spray Deodorant
  • RoC Keops 48h Fresh Spray Deodorant 1

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    Cosmetic quality



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    body spray

    Skin type

    all skin types


    RoC Keops unique spray deodorant is a protection against sweating for 24 hours you can rely on. It very efficiently regulates sweating, fights its unpleasant smell and moistness, and thus enables your skin to breathe. It is alcohol- and perfume-free. Its formula was developed for very sensitive skin to minimize the risk of allergic reactions. Its hypoallergenic soft and dry texture quickly dries on your skin without leaving any traces on clothes. It contains allantoin to make your skin fresh and soft and provide it with perfect comfort. Also, it has healing, soothing, and regenerative effects.

    Put a stop to unpleasant sweating and enjoy a perfect sensation of dryness under your armpits with unique RoC Keops deodorant!


    • fights sweating for 24 hours
    • reduces the intensity of unpleasant smell
    • prevents the emergence of sweatstains on clothes
    • leaves no white traces on clothes
    • leaves your skin soft and smooth
    • soothing and regenerative


    • allantoin – supports healing and regenerative processes

    Type of skin:

    Suitable for all types, including very sensitive skin.


    Shake well prior to use. Spray on clean and dry skin under your armpit from around 6".

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