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Rochas Femme eau de toilette for women
Rochas Femme eau de toilette for women
Rochas Femme eau de toilette for women
Top notes
Peach, Wood, Cumin, Plum
Middle notes
Violet, Clove, Jasmine, Rose
Base notes
Oak, Patchouli, Vanilla
Fragrance categoryfruity, chypre

A celebration of the supreme heroines of our world, women. Marcel Rochas created Femme eau de toilette in 1948 as a tribute to his wife, Hélène, making it a cult perfume that celebrates the essence of femininity, as envisioned by the designer. Voluptueux showcases the iconic amphora bottle design that evokes the feminine curves from which Marcel Rochas drew inspiration in his haute couture creations.

  • feminine, warm chypre fruity scent
  • perfect for colder days and special evenings 
  • launched in 1944, created by Edmond Roudnitska 

Composition of the fragrance
The classic chypre structure is elevated by a blend of warm and inviting spices and delicate floral notes, opening with a bright and sparkling combination of zesty bergamot, juicy peach, and ripe plum. The center of the fragrance is an opulent and luxurious bouquet of precious jasmine, velvety rose, and exotic ylang-ylang, which delicately intertwine with the spicy nuances of piquant clove, warm cinnamon, and powdery iris. The finish of the fragrance is rich, earthy, and grounding, with the woody and mossy notes of oakmoss, vetiver, and patchouli providing a warm and sensual finish.

Story of the fragrance
Marcel Rochas believed that a woman's fragrance should precede her presence, as he envisioned a perfume as a tribute to the woman he loved dearly. Femme captures the essence of his sculptural creations and heightened sensuality, serving as a declaration of love to women as the ultimate heroines in an ever-evolving story.

RochasFemme eau de toilette for women

100 ml

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