Roja Parfums Reckless Perfume for Women

  • Roja Parfums Reckless Perfume for Women
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    Description of the perfume Roja Parfums Reckless


    Perfume bottle



    Overall impression


    Top notes

    Orange, Tangerine, Bergamot

    Middle notes

    Jasmine, Neroli, Rose De Mai

    Base notes

    Styrax, Coriander, Sandalwood, Musk, Pink Pepper, Vanilla, Benzoin, Cinnamon

    Reckless is a floral fragrance for women from Roja Parfums, a British niche perfume brand. Since 2007, Roja Parfums has been offering its customers a brand new concept of luxury and sophistication in perfumery that befits our modern times. It proudly bears the name of its leading personality, one of the greatest fragrance designers in history. Roja Dove is known for using the finest ingredients there are and for his precision and painstaking attention to detail, as well as his personal philosophy of never settling for less than the best. The sensual Reckless from Roja Parfums is a fragrance capturing the personality of a confident, courageous woman.

    “I was reading a book that featured a woman described as ’reckless, maybe, but never foolish’. I started to imagine a woman like that: It was a woman who follows her heart but never becomes anyone’s fool. I was picturing her in a dim light, wearing a diamond necklace. Her world was a world of luxury without compromise; her expensive scent reflects her personality. She always gets what she wants and often takes risks to achieve that,”  is how Roja Dove describes his inspiration for Reckless. The result is a perfume that is, just like the personality of its wearer, sensual, confident, luxurious, courageous and utterly distinctive.

    Reckless from Roja Parfums opens with head accords of bergamot, tangerine and orange. The heart blossoms with geranium, jasmine from Grasse, Provence rose and neroli, resting on a foundation of coriander, pink peppercorns, cinnamon, sandalwood, benzoin, vanilla, styrax and musk. The full aroma, which enchantingly blends the scent of blossoms with a strong woody element, aromatic and powdery aspects of aldehyde and a hint of leather, is sweetly warm, delicate and, above all, immensely sensual. With Reckless, Roja Dove once again proved that he can satisfy even the most demanding connoisseurs with a perfume rich in significance.

    The packaging of Reckless from Roja Parfums is luxurious and subtly elegant. As is the case with all the Roja Parfums fragrances, the bottle Reckless comes in is a masterful, hand-finished piece made in France from the purest glass there is. The gold label is manually embedded in the glass in England and the gorgeous ornate cap, the symbol of Roja Parfums, is hand-decorated with Swarovski crystals. The Roja Parfums Reckless bottle is packaged in a beautiful, lavish box.

    The Roja Parfums Reckless perfume is suitable for day and evening wear throughout the year. It will forever win the hearts of all lovers of original floral fragrances with a strong presence of wood, as well as all women who like to emphasise their dynamic and bold personality and who love to indulge in luxury. Reckless from Roja Parfums will envelop its wearer in a sensual powdery aroma that never fails to win admiring attention. Its superior quality and unparalleled luxury in every detail and aspect make Reckless from Roja Parfums the perfect gift for a woman whom you want to treat to only the best.

    Roja Parfums Reckless – a sensual floral perfume for women who are not afraid to pursue their goals.

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