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Roja Parfums Vetiver eau de cologne for men
Roja Parfums Vetiver eau de cologne for men
Roja Parfums Vetiver eau de cologne for men
Top notes
Lemon, Bergamot
Middle notes
Jasmine, Rose de Mai, Labdanum
Base notes
Vetiver, Cedar, Cedar Needles, Oakmoss, Guaiac Wood
Fragrance categorycitrus, aromatic, woody

This fragrance pays homage to the exquisite essence of vetiver—an oil derived from the roots of an exotic grass renowned for its harmonious blend of earthy, leathery, and smoky tones. Roja Parfums Vetiver cologne captures the essence of masculine perfumery.

  • chypre fragrance for men
  • perfect for any occasion 
  • launched in 2019

Composition of the fragrance
The fragrance composition orchestrates a harmonious symphony of scent, opening with invigorating notes of zesty lemon, radiant bergamot, and vibrant litsea cubeba. These lively and spirited top notes set the stage for the heart of the composition, where the opulent rose de Mai, exquisite jasmin de Grasse, and enchanting cistus intertwine to form a lush and sophisticated bouquet. The base notes contribute a multi-dimensional depth and complexity as the fragrance journey continues. The inclusion of verdant galbanum, intriguing celery seed, alluring pink pepper, aromatic caraway, warm nutmeg, piquant pepper, earthy oakmoss, iconic vetiver, grounding cedarwood, invigorating cedar needles, evocative guaiac wood, soothing amyris, and resinous labdanum come together to create a captivating olfactory tapestry that resonates with refinement and allure.

Story of the fragrance
Roja Dove encapsulates the allure of vetiver—the modern man's ultimate scent, exuding sophistication and magnetic presence. This composition is a true masterpiece that beautifully captures an essence that evokes confidence, allure, and admiration.

Roja ParfumsVetiver eau de cologne for men

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