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RUF Taboo Men Jeux Interdits massage candle
RUF Taboo Men Jeux Interdits massage candle
Type of oilcoconut, oil fusion
Character of home fragrancewoody, floral
Type of Wickcotton
Number of Wicks1
Type of Waxbeeswax

Treat your tired body to a sensual and exciting massage which slowly turns into a stimulating foreplay. RUF Taboo Men Jeux Interdits erotic massage candle fills the room with a lovely aroma and has a low melting point to help you enjoy a relaxing massage or even a tantalising and sexy wax play.


  • for a sensual foreplay
  • fills the room with an unusual fragrance
  • creates an especially romantic mood
  • pleasant temperature when melted
  • doesn’t burn skin or cause pain
  • hydrates and softens your skin
  • scented candle and massage oil in one
  • specially designed container for easy application
  • emulsion melts evenly
  • quick-melting wax
  • pleasantly warms up the skin
  • leaves your skin velvety soft


  • beeswax
  • cotton wick
  • coconut oil
  • glass container

How to use:
Do not pour melted wax close to your eyes. Light the candle and wait until the wax melts into a massage oil. Follow the instructions provided. Apply a small amount to the skin and start massaging.

RUFTaboo Men Jeux Interdits massage candle

60 g

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