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Sally Hansen Miracle Cure strengthening nail polish
Sally Hansen Miracle Cure strengthening nail polish
Type of Nail Varnishbase coat
Effectshiny, correcting

When your goal is to grow your nails, splits and breaks can seem like an insurmountable obstacle. But thanks to minerals, proteins and antioxidants, the Sally Hansen Miracle Cure nail strengthener visibly strengthens your nails in just three days, giving them much-needed hydration and ridding them of dry spots. Cracks and grooves get filled in, uneven surfaces are smoothed and the peeling of individual layers is halted.


  • cares for brittle nails, stops them splitting and peeling immediately
  • joins the individual layers together and seals the gaps between them
  • strengthens nails, delivers visible results in just three days
  • fills cracks and grooves, smooths uneven surfaces
  • helps prevent the further breaking, cracking and splitting of nails
  • hydrates dry skin intensively, alleviates dryness
  • is tested dermatologically and in salons


  • micro minerals – nourish the nails, help prevent splitting
  • natural proteins and antioxidants – visibly strengthen nails, prevent breakages

How to apply:
Shake the Sally Hansen Miracle Cure nail strengthener lightly before use. Apply to clean, dry, grease-free nails with the brush and allow to dry. If you paint your nails regularly, use it as a base coat before applying the colour polish.

Sally HansenMiracle Cure strengthening nail polish

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