SchollVelvet Smooth File for Cracked Feet

Scholl Velvet Smooth File for Cracked Feet
Scholl Velvet Smooth File for Cracked Feet
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Thursday 30/09/2021
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Thursday 30/09/2021

Description Scholl Velvet Smooth

Get rid of the unsightly hard skin on your feet in only 2 minutes. The Scholl Velvet Smooth electric foot file has a unique file head featuring diamond crystals which gently remove even significantly hardened skin. You’ll be dying to show off your soft, smooth and sexy feet in your favourite pair of sandals.


  • removes calloused skin from your feet
  • optimal results in only 2 minutes
  • leaves skin silky soft
  • brings results from the very first use
  • ergonomic handle for a comfortable use
  • can handle even very hard skin
  • safety mode prevents injury

Packaging contains:

  • 1 file handle
  • 1 file head with diamond crystals
  • 4 AA batteries

How to apply:
Start by attaching the file head to the handle and screw it on. Use the device only on dry feet and exclusively on hardened skin. Slide across the calloused areas using gentle motions to gradually remove the hard skin. Continue until you achieve the desired result, then wipe or wash your feet to remove the residual skin flakes, and use a moisturising product.


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About the brand Scholl

The experts at Scholl know very well that healthy and happy feet make every day better. The brand has more than a hundred years worth of experience and Scholl products help people all around the world to solve problems with their feet. Trust Scholl and your feet will be well taken care of!
The history of Scholl begins in 1904 when the company’s founder, Dr William Mathias Scholl, designed his first patented insole that quickly revolutionised the way people perceived the standard level of comfort in wearing shoes. Other groundbreaking products followed soon after, most popular among them being the anatomically shaped sandals which met with great international success.
Today, Scholl produces not only footwear with great arch support, but also products for foot care and shoe maintenance. Customers love Scholl foot creams and deodorants as well as files or gel pads that make any shoe instantly much more comfortable.

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