Clay Face Masks

A clay face mask can do real wonders for your skin! Discover the power of this natural ingredient whose benefits have been known since ancient Egypt, and get a gorgeous, healthy skin.

Clay is a milled powdered soil rich in minerals (calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, silicon), trace elements and other beneficial ingredients. Its perfect absorbent and adsorbent abilities remove impurities and revitalise your skin. This makes a clay face mask a fierce tool that helps you fight acne, enlarged pores and blackheads while detoxifying and calming your skin and restoring its softness and glow.

Clay Masks According to Skin Type:

The colour and cosmetic purpose of clay are determined by the amount of minerals and other substances it contains:

  • Green clay is great at removing impurities and toxins from oily skin. A green clay mask also tightens your pores and softens the skin, which makes it the ideal clay mask for acne.
  • White clay (kaolin) with its soothing and strengthening effects is amazing for sensitive, oily or mature skin. A white clay mask works as an exfoliator, quickly removes dead skin cells and regulates sebum production, leaving your skin beautifully matte and soft.
  • Pink clay can easily handle redness and irritation, gently soothe your skin and improve blood circulation. This clay face mask also removes blackheads and doesn’t cause dryness.

Choose a cleansing clay mask from popular brands like Vichy, TONYMOLY, Emma Hardie and more and enjoy your glowing skin.