Cleansing Lotion

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Remove your makeup, settled dust, sebum and other impurities with one swipe while providing a calming and smoothing effect. A cleansing lotion is one of the so-called “dry makeup removal” methods, making it ideal for when you’re travelling and can’t wash your face with water. All you need are some cotton pads and a facial cleansing lotion suitable for your skin type.

Benefits of Cleansing Lotion:

  • It contains fat-based ingredients (butters and oils) which dissolve your makeup easily and make cleansing very gentle and quick without the need of rubbing.
  • It can also handle waterproof makeup.
  • It leaves your skin hydrated, supple and silky smooth.
  • There’s no need to wash the cleansing lotion off afterwards.
  • Your best option is a cleansing lotion for sensitive, dry or mature skin, because it gently nourishes your skin and protects it from unwanted dehydration.
  • It is suitable for everyday use.

Is your skin dry and sensitive, combination or prone to imperfections? Browse our wide selection of skin cleansing products to find the best cleansing lotion for you. Treat yourself to a gentle makeup-removing product from one of your favourite brands – for instance a highly effective micellar cleansing lotion or a moisturising and nourishing cleansing lotion with hyaluronic acid for even more radiant skin! You can also use your lotion along with a nice toner or face lotion.