Souletto Tranquility Bath Bombs Fizzy Bath Bombs

Souletto Tranquility Bath Bombs Fizzy Bath Bombs
Souletto Tranquility Bath Bombs Fizzy Bath Bombs
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Orange Bath Bomb 2 pc + White Bath Bomb 2 pc

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A gift for you
A gift for you
A gift for you
Monday 21/06/2021
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Monday 21/06/2021

Description Souletto Tranquility Bath Bombs

The moments when you get to relax in the bath are yours and yours alone. Now you can enjoy them with Souletto Bath Bombs that turn your hot bath into a luxury spa not once, but 4 times. These fizzy bath bombs release a gorgeous aroma while taking care of your skin and leaving it sensually smooth.


  • set of 4 fizzy bath bombs with 2 aromas
  • orange ones have a fruity scent dominated by tangerine
  • white ones smell like candied fruit with a pinch of warm spices
  • lets your body and mind unwind for a more intense relaxation
  • leaves your skin softer than before
  • turns every bath into a sensory experience

Composition of the fragrance – orange:
The scent of orange invites your senses to play, soon joined by tangerine, juicy peach and notes of orange blossom. The delicious tangerine then appears a second time to caress your senses with even more intensity the whole time you’re enjoying your luxurious bath.

Composition of the fragrance – white:
The initial, captivating and sweet citrussy scent of bergamot is accompanied by lemon, followed by surprising notes of cinnamon and clove which perfectly blend with the freshness of the citrus fruit. A combination of vanilla, woody and sweet gourmand notes will make you wish your intoxicating bath would never end.

How to use:
Put the bath bomb into your hot bath or hold it under the water stream to make it dissolve faster, and enjoy the beautiful scent it releases. Wash your bathtub afterwards. If the product gets in your eyes, flush them out with running water for several minutes.


Skin type
all skin types
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Gift Set

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