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SpiriTime Flower Time Moisturising Hand Cream

  • SpiriTime Flower Time Moisturising Hand Cream

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    • SpiriTime Flower Time Moisturising Hand Cream  30 mlMoisturising Hand Cream 

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    Description of the product SpiriTime Flower Time



    Cosmetic quality






    All Skin Types

    Spiritime Flower Time moisturising hand cream protects your hands effectively from dryness, making them soft and smooth. The light texture means it is easy to spread, is absorbed quickly and doesn’t leave an oily film on your hands. This pleasant cream refreshes instantly and adds vitality to the skin.

    The product contains flower extracts and natural oils, which restore a silky smoothness to your hands, effectively soothing, regenerating and protecting your skin from drying out. The formulation contains no parabens, silicones, paraffin or mineral oils and cares gently for your hands. Use this hydrating cream daily to keep your hands naturally soft and beautiful.


    • hydrates your hands deeply
    • softens and smooths
    • regenerates the skin and protects it
    • soothes and makes your hands soft
    • perfumes your hands with the scent of freesia


    • macadamia oil – smoothing and nourishing effects
    • argan oil – revitalises, regenerates and soothes
    • aloe vera extracts – hydrate, regenerate and refresh
    • lavender extract – softens, relaxing effect
    • jasmine and rose extracts – soften, regenerate
    • barley extract – antioxidant effect, hydrates
    • Vitamin E – acts as a powerful antioxidant
    • panthenol – regenerates, softens

    How to apply:

    Apply to clean hands at least once a day and massage in gently. Use at any time as needed.

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