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Stila Cosmetics Stay All Day waterproof eyeliner
Stila Cosmetics Stay All Day waterproof eyeliner
Consistencyeyeliner pen

Achieve the perfect line every time with an award-winning liquid eyeliner offering a fantastic satin finish. The fine marker-like tip provides precise application for both novices and pros. Create beautifully defined eyes that leave a lasting impression, whether you prefer thin, precise lines or thick, dramatic strokes.

The eyeliner is waterproof, transfer-proof, and smudge-proof, ensuring your look stays intact throughout the day. With its easy glide-on formula, quick-drying properties, and long-lasting wear, it's the ideal choice from day to night.


  • achieves perfect lines and creates beautifully defined eyes 
  • draws thin or thick lines with a waterproof and smudge-proof formula
  • features fine marker-like tip for precise application by novices and pros 
  • with long-lasting wear that stays intact day and night

How to apply:
Draw a fine line on the eyelid with a gentle stroke. Allow it to dry. Close Stila Cosmetics Stay All Day tightly after each use.

Stila CosmeticsStay All Day waterproof eyeliner

Dark Brown 0,47 ml

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