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Swiss Arabian Hayaam eau de parfum unisex
Swiss Arabian Hayaam eau de parfum unisex
Swiss Arabian Hayaam eau de parfum unisex
Top notes
Middle notes
Base notes
Leather, Woody Notes, Amber
Fragrance categoryaromatic, leather

Lost in the embrace of love.

This woody and leathery fragrance is inspired by a love that consumes and transports you to a state of pure bliss. Hayaam by Swiss Arabian, meaning adoration, encapsulates an irresistible allure within its dazzling citrus notes. Infatuation takes hold of your every thought, and your captivating presence shines with brilliance. 

  • leather fragrance for women and men
  • perfect for any occasion
  • launched in 2020

Composition of the fragrance
The vibrant citrus notes create a rhythm that resonates with your heartbeat, filling the room with radiance. The exotic spice of clove adds a touch of intrigue to your soul while the fervor of your passion dances in your eyes. Enveloped by the ancient woods and the smooth embrace of leather, you surrender to the eternal embrace of this love. The warm amber envelops you in its golden aura, whispering that you have found the ultimate bliss you have been seeking.

Swiss ArabianHayaam eau de parfum unisex

50 ml

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