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Let your tanned skin absolutely glow! A tanning oil will completely protect you from harmful UV light, it’s easy to apply and makes your tan even more striking!

How to Pick the Right Tanning Oil?

Want to get a gorgeous tan without risking sunburns? Then find out which tanning oil is best for you. All you need is to know your phototype and pick a product with the right SPF. The rule of thumb is – the lighter your skin, the higher the SPF should be.

SPF 50+

  • Phototype I: Your skin is very light and it burns easily, you have red hair and freckles.
  • Phototype II: You have pale skin, light hair, freckles, your skin goes red in the sun and you often get sunburnt.

SPF 20+

  • Phototype III: Your skin is light brown, your hair is brown to dark, you tan easily.
  • Phototype IV: You have dark skin, very dark hair, you almost never get sunburns.

SPF 10+

  • Phototype V: You have very dark skin, dark to black hair, you tan easily and you almost never get sunburns.
  • Phototype VI: You have dark hair and dark skin that practically never gets sunburnt.

Different Types of Tanning Oil

If you have trouble getting a proper tan, try a special tanning oil with beta carotene! You can also go for a dry tanning oil with SPF 50 if you need maximum protection from the sunlight, or a tanning oil in spray for the easiest application.

Dry Tanning Oil

Not happy about the greasy feeling that’s left after you put on your tanning oil? Dry tanning oils absorb better and their velvety smooth texture doesn’t cause an oily film – which is why they’re also fantastic for your hair!

Tan-Enhancing Oil

Dreaming of a flawless tan that looks as if you’ve just come from a holiday? Then try a tanning oil with beta carotene or a tan-enhancing tanning oil. These products enhance the natural process of tanning and make the results more striking. Your golden tan will last for months!