Thalgo Défi Fermeté Slimming Cream for Tummy and Hips

Thalgo Défi Fermeté Slimming Cream for Tummy and Hips
Thalgo Défi Fermeté Slimming Cream for Tummy and Hips
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Wednesday 16/06/2021
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Description Thalgo Défi Fermeté

The Thalgo Défi Fermeté body cream looks after your skin and gives it the necessary nourishment and long-lasting hydration.


  • improves skin flexibility and elasticity
  • regenerates the skin
  • hydrates skin deeply

How to use:
Apply the product to clean skin and massage in gently until completely absorbed.


Skin type
all skin types

About the brand Thalgo

Friendly to both your skin and the environment, the luxury Thalgo beauty from France uses the power of natural ingredients from the depth of the ocean.

The oceans are an endless source of natural wealth. A French doctor of pharmacy André Bouclet knew that very well and dedicated his whole life to his passion of exploring sea algae and minerals. His fascination with the oceanic life lead him to open the Thalgo laboratory which specialised in discovering the beneficial effects of algae in skin care. This is how the first Thalgo products were created back in 1964.

Thalgo makes sure their products are not just top-quality, but also environmentally friendly with a minimal ecological footprint. The Holy Grail of Thalgo beauty is their soothing Thalgo Cold Cream Marine which gives your skin all the necessary hydration. Other popular products are the Thalgo Hyaluronique anti-wrinkle cream or the Thalgo Collagène which reduces wrinkles and prevents the formation of new ones.


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