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THD Dolomiti Air Portable White ultrasonic aroma diffuser
THD Dolomiti Air Portable White ultrasonic aroma diffuser
Type of power supplymains
Type of Diffuserultrasonic

Enjoy the aroma of your favourite essential oils on the go. The THD Dolomity Air Portable White ultrasonic aroma diffuser can accompany you anywhere thanks to its compact size. You can put it in your car, use it in a hotel room during a business trip or pack it into your suitcase and take it on holiday.

Not only does the diffuser fill the room with a pleasant scent, it also eliminates all kinds of impurities from the air. The THD aroma diffuser also features a built-in soft light that helps bring harmony to both your body and mind.


  • fills the room with a beautiful aroma
  • helps clean the air by removing toxins and impurities
  • doesn’t take up much space thanks to its compact size
  • illuminates the area with a soft light
  • can also be used for chromotherapy
  • designed in Italy

Technical specifications:

  • distributes fragrance over 20 m²
  • a selection of different colours of light
  • battery-operated/USB-rechargeable
  • remarkably quiet operation
  • comes with a USB cable

How to use:
place the absorption pad into the round compartment of the diffuser and add 10-15 drops of essential oil. Then place the lid back on the diffuser and switch it on. If you are looking to use a different essential oil, we recommend that you replace the pad.


User's guide can be found HERE

THDDolomiti Air Portable White ultrasonic aroma diffuser

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