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THD Niagara Black ultrasonic aroma diffuser and air humidifier
THD Niagara Black ultrasonic aroma diffuser and air humidifier
Type of power supplymains
Type of Diffuserultrasonic

Take a deep breath and enjoy some undisturbed time to unwind. The THD Niagara Black ultrasonic aroma diffuser disperses a soft mist that pleasantly humidifies the dry air in the room. After essential oil has been added, it also releases a fragrance that creates a perfect relaxing atmosphere.

The aroma diffuser was created by Italian designers, so it will fit in with any decor. It also works as a lamp emitting a soft light. You can choose from seven different colours and let them harmonise your body and mind.


  • fills the interior with a pleasant fragrance
  • helps add moisture to dry air
  • offers multiple intensity settings
  • a sophisticated addition to any interior
  • also acts as a discreet lamp
  • can also be used for chromotherapy
  • created by Italian designers

Technical specifications:

  • three aroma release modes:
    → intermittent mode with 30-second or two-hour intervals and continuous mode
  • three levels of mist intensity (15, 22 or 33 ml/hour)
  • up to 20 hours of operation with a full tank
  • automatic switch-off when water runs out
  • choose from seven colours of light
  • remarkably quiet operation
  • disperses fragrance as far as 30 m²
  • volume of 200 ml

How to use:
fill the water tank with 200 ml of room-temperature water, add 5-20 drops of essential oil and turn on the diffuser. (Essential oils are not included.)


User's guide can be found HERE

THDNiagara Black ultrasonic aroma diffuser and air humidifier

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