TIGI Bed Head Styling Modeling Paste

  • TIGI Bed Head Styling Modeling Paste

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    • TIGI Bed Head Styling Modeling Paste (Dumb Blonde Smoothing Stuff) 50 mlModeling Paste 

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      (Dumb Blonde Smoothing Stuff) 50 ml
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    Description of the product TIGI Bed Head Styling



    Cosmetic quality






    TIGI Bed Head Dumb Blonde smoothing stuff is an excellent thing for all the girls who'd like to treat their hair well and make it perfectly shiny and smelling just great. This paste makes your hair smell so sweet that you'll forget all about any other aromas.

    Bed Head Dumb Blond treats your hair carefully and uses special elements to protect it. Use this TIGI stuff to do something for the skin on your head. This product will make happy not only you but also those around you, as they will appreciate how good you look and irresistibly you smell.


    • straightens skin on your head
    • fights frizzy hair
    • makes your hair shiny
    • protects your hair from damage
    • excellent aroma


    • papaya – for perfect aroma

    Type of hair:

    Suitable for all types of hair.


    Spread a small amount in your fingers and apply on your dry hair.

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