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Tom Ford Oud Wood perfume

The well-blended oud perfume, Tom Ford Oud Wood, will make you feel very elegant and sophisticated. The warm and sensual mix of smoky oud, sandalwood rose and cardamom makes it a perfect special occasion fragrance. Oud is one of the most luxurious and rare perfume ingredients and this Tom Ford perfume embodies the exclusivity and sensuality you’ve been lusting after.

About Tom Ford

The Tom Ford brand began life when the former designer of menswear and womenswear for Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent left the Italian fashion brand Gucci following a merger with holding company, Pinault-Printemps-Redoute. During his tenure with Gucci, his designs and business acquisitions helped the brand grow, but the loss of creative control was the main reason for taking a break. Tom Ford resurrected his acting and film career for a year while he put plans in place to launch his own fashion and fragrance line

In 2004, Tom Ford brand launched and using strategic partnerships the brand developed fragrances, eyewear and clothing lines. He also turned his hand to designing beauty, accessories, film directing and fashion photography.

Throughout his career, he has gathered a great recognition, collecting many fashion awards such as the CDFA International Award, Designer of the year, Vogue Fashion Awards. And so the impressive list goes on.

Tom Ford Perfume 

When Tom Ford left Gucci, the first thing he did was launching a collection of fragrances, which have become iconic and adored by men and women around the world. The successful line started with Black Orchid collection, followed by an exceptional White Musk range and exotic Jardin Noir. The Tom Ford Oud Wood fragrance is a part of the Private Blend Collection, a line of very original and unique fragrances unconstrained by the conventions. Each fragrance from the Private Blend collection focuses on the precious extract from a rare note: black violet, leather, gardenia, amber, oud, tobacco, etc.

Tom Ford Oud Wood Eau de Parfum Unisex

The Tom Ford Oud Wood perfume is an exceptional fragrance suitable for evening wear and special occasions. Tom Ford is nothing but inventive and has refined the fragrance to appeal to both sexes.

Those who want to stand out from the crowd should add Tom Ford Oud Wood to their perfume collection. The oriental, warm, woody experience is subtle yet robust. It is spicy yet elegant with an emphasis on uniqueness.

The rare and exotic ingredient - Oud Wood - is often burned in incense-filled temples. This ingredient provides the fragrance with a smoky aroma, complemented by exotic rosewood, cardamom, sandalwood and vetiver. The warmth and sensuality of the scent are added by tonka beans and amber.

If you’re a little hesitant try the Tom Ford Oud Wood sample and let yourself be charmed with its intoxicating dark scent.

Tom Ford Oud Wood product range

Tom Ford Oud Wood product range brings the luxury and exclusivity to every morning and evening ritual. Spoil yourself today and explore the Oud Wood collection at!

Tom Ford Oud Wood Body Lotion Unisex

Tom Ford Oud Wood Body Lotion complements Tom Ford’s Oud Wood perfume perfectly, leaving your skin beautifully nourished and well hydrated all day long, prolonging the scent impression.

Tom Ford Oud Wood Shower Gel Unisex

As well as providing your skin with the same aromas as the perfume, the formulation of Tom Ford Oud Wood Shower Gel leaves your skin feeling soft and your senses alert. 

Tom Ford Oud Wood Deo Spray Unisex

To have the complete Tom Ford experience, the Tom Ford Oud Wood Deo Spray is the daily touch of luxury. It keeps you dry and ready for any adventure

Tom Ford Oud Wood Deodorant Stick Unisex

For a longer-lasting freshness, while retaining the Oud Wood scent, the Tom Ford Oud Wood Deodorant Stick is the right choice, keeping you fresh and confident all day.

Tom Ford Oud Wood Soap Unisex

The Tom Ford Oud Wood Soap will nourish your skin with intoxicating scent and is ideal for those long soaks in the bath after a busy day.

Tom Ford Oud Wood Gifts

Tom Ford Oud Wood product collection makes an exclusive and thoughtful gift and will delight and pleasantly surprise anyone you give them to. 

Every Tom Ford aftershave and fragrance has been inspired by fragrance’s glamorous past using only the most precious ingredients to create unique scents mirroring the fashion. Tom Ford Oud Wood will take you on an olfactory journey through the Orient. Bon voyage!